Karl - Xperience

Born in Rome, Italy, a child of the seventies, I began playing guitar when I was 15. Self taught but with dad on hand for some helpful hints, I made rapid progress. In 1980 I wrote my first song and formed my first band and things soon began to hot up. In 1985 I set up a recording studio in an old farm-house just outside Rome, where I made friends with the locals, recorded amazing sounds and met a whole host of strange creatures, including horse-flies, 'cimici' and mice!

In Italy I participated in many local and regional song contests, including the national, world famous 'Accademia della Canzone di Sanremo' - 1997, getting as far as the semi-finals together with Tiziano Ferro. I continued to develop my skill and my own unique style. My songwriter's portfolio expanded and so did my waist-line!

Over the years I have played and sung with talented musicians and singers of many nationalities. I have gigged at all kinds of events on a whole variety of occasions, including weddings, baptisms, business openings, birthdays. I have played in numerous famous hotels, bars, restaurants, private homes and even a gypsy-camp for a very inebriated and somewhat scary Rom wedding! I worked on the backing track of well-known Italian singer-songwriters, including Claudio Baglioni and have had the pleasure of singing and playing with my life long multi-talented, accordion playing pal, Maestro Riccardo Taddei.

In 2012 an unknown driver was almost successful in taking my life while I was on my Honda Transalp in a very serious road accident. My life flashed before my eyes and after multiple bone surgery, including pelvis, arm, leg, spine and even surgery for a partial finger amputation I was put in a coma and helped to convalesce over a year. Thankful to be alive but grief stricken at my inability to even hold a guitar, the thought began to sink in that I would never play again.

However, they say that where there is a will there is a way and after relocating to UK and multiple physiotherapy I began to play again with a church folk group in Rochester, Kent. Almost as if by miracle things began to improve dramatically. I regained full control of my beloved guitar and was able to develop various techniques to aid in overcoming any manual difficulties I had.

Since then I have not looked back. I now play mainly at venues in Kent but am available for private and public performances anywhere.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope to see you very soon and to entertain you in my new second lease of life. Just fill in the contact form and I'll get back to you 'pronto'.


Born again 12th November 2012